Where to play the banjo?

Where to play the banjo is not an often asked question for newer banjo players.  As most new banjo players starting out find out the hard way that new banjo players often spend longer consulting with other players than playing the banjo.  When I first started learning the banjo I spent the vast majority of my time (and quite a bit of spare time) going to other banjo players offline. That was a big mistake. I had no idea of how much I could have already made from offline banjo players.  It took several months before I found another player other than a fellow banjo player that would let me take band classes and lessons as a banjo apprentice.

So, where to play the banjo?  Where I was playing my banjo in my home was rightfully my home but I realized the hard way that I was not playing my banjo long hours a day.  I was playing my banjo for an average of an hour out of the four I was spending my time with my friends doing things.  In my spare time I was playing my banjo and driving the car and walking on the treadmill. As you can see earning money as a banjo apprentice wasn’t exactly planned out.

But now that I have found a few new banjo players who are also mastering the banjo I am now playing my banjo on the weekends and making as much as I do on the weekends, and doing the things I used to do on the weekends. My friends all think I am crazy, but I’m glad I have learned a few secrets playing my banjo on the weekends. Just checking out my new banjo as I am writing this article. It’s almost the same as playing my banjo on the weekends, except, I am not checking the banjo out like I used to. I am actually playing the banjo.

You could make a lot of money while you are learning playing the banjo because of the popularity of the banjo.  Some banjo players make over $2000 a month, some make in excess of $10,000 a month, others make a little over $250 a month. The bottom line is that there are experienced banjo players who make a lot of money online all while playing banjos around to keep their addictions, while others are only “making” a few hundred dollars a month.  Now, don’t you get a good idea as to how someone who started out with nothing but a borrowed banjo, with no idea of what they were doing or what they could do to make money learning the banjo would eventually be able to make a few thousand dollars a month?

One of the keys to making money online playing the banjo is being patients. If you are compelled and committed enough to learn the banjo from the pros and are patient to take action on your banjo, you will to one day make very good money online playing the banjo from the pros.

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